U.S. Vacation

NetApp provides market-competitive vacation time, and encourages all employees to take time to recharge.

Vacation Benefit

You accrue vacation time based on your length of service. Starting in 2018, new hires with less than two years of service will accrue at a rate of three weeks of vacation per year. If you joined NetApp less than two years ago you will see the higher rate of vacation on your paycheck starting in January.

Years of Service* Vacation Accrual/Year Vacation Accrual Cap
Less than 2 years of service 15 days 160 hours or 20 days
2-5 years of service 15 days 160 hours or 20 days
6-9 years of service 20 days 200 hours or 25 days
10 years of service and up 25 days 240 hours or 30 days

*Based on anniversary date.

  • If you want to take a longer vacation than you have accrued, you may borrow up to 40 hours of vacation with your manager’s approval. The hours borrowed cannot precede or follow an unpaid leave.
  • U.S. employees in active service accrue vacation time. Active service begins with an employee’s first day of work and continues thereafter, unless broken by a leave of absence or termination of employment.
  • Temporary employees do not accrue paid vacation.

For more information about the vacation accrual cap and how to submit a vacation request, go to the U.S. Vacation page.

Using Vacation Time

  • Please coordinate and clear your vacation schedule with your manager.
  • NetApp will do its best to accommodate your scheduling requests for vacation, but in some cases it may not be possible and vacations may need to be deferred.