U.S. Sick Time Off

NetApp provides paid sick time off to help you recover from illness or injury or to attend to the illness of a sick child, parent or spouse. For non-exempt employees, time off for medical and dental appointments will be treated as sick time off.

Sick Time Benefit
  • Sick time off is accumulated at the rate of 3.08 hours per pay period.
  • Accumulated sick time off caps at 240 hours per year.
Using Sick Time
  • Please coordinate sick time with your manager.
  • You and your manager are responsible for ensuring sick time is submitted to Payroll via the Time Off Tool.

Please note:

  • Temporary employees do not receive sick time off.
  • NetApp does not provide pay in lieu of unused sick time off. Accumulation of sick time is not a benefit that can be converted to cash, vacation, or be paid out at termination.
  • If you require more than five days to recover from an illness or injury, you will need to apply for a leave of absence through Liberty Mutual, NetApp’s leave of absence administrator.
  • You may use up to one-half of your accumulated sick time off each year to attend to the illness of a child, parent or spouse.