U.S. Leaves of Absence

NetApp understands there are circumstances when you may need to take a leave from work. For this reason, NetApp provides several types of leaves as outlined below. Depending on the reason for your leave, many of these leaves may work together to ensure your job is protected and/or you continue to receive pay, as applicable. Our leave administrator, Liberty Mutual, will help you structure your leave to best fit your situation.

Family First benefit

For regular employees who are scheduled to work at least 24 hours a week; time off to bond with a new baby or child, or to care for a child, spouse/domestic partner or parent who is ill

NetApp’s Family First benefit allows you to spend time with your family when it matters the most, including bonding with a new child or caring for a child, spouse/domestic partner or parent with a serious medical condition. You can take up to six weeks of time off per year—all at once, or in one-week increments—paid at 100% salary.

Family First Guide [PDF]

Maternity Leave

For expectant mothers; time off for delivery and baby bonding

As you prepare for the birth of your child, learn about the ways NetApp supports your time off for having and bonding with your new baby:

Medical Leave

For all employees; time off for qualified medical and family reasons

NetApp provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year when you are unable to work due to certain reasons:

  • Birth and care of your newborn child
  • Placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care
  • Caring for a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition
  • When you are unable to work due to a serious health condition

Learn more about FMLA by viewing the:

Bereavement Leave

For all employees; time off for the death of a family member

Take the time you need to grieve the loss of a close family member, prepare for and attend a funeral, and/or attend to any other immediate matters.

Learn more on the Leaves of Absence Policies.

Grief Counseling [PDF]—at no cost to you

Jury Duty

For service as a juror or witness

You’re entitled to paid time off to serve as a juror or witness.

Learn more on the Leaves of Absence Policies.

Military Leave

For certain types of active military duty

NetApp allows up to five years of cumulative leave for active military duty.

Learn more on the Leaves of Absence Policies.

Personal Leave

Unpaid leave for personal reasons

Unpaid personal leave is available to take time away from work for personal reasons not covered by another leave of absence program.

Learn more on the Leaves of Absence Policies.

Please note: The treatment of pay, benefits and employment continuation can vary for each type of leave. Refer to the Leaves of Absence Policies for information on all company policy details and to access information on the specific type of leave that you need to request.

For Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty, please work directly with your manager to coordinate your leave.

For all other leaves, please coordinate with your manager and complete the required steps through Liberty Mutual. If you need to be absent from work for more than five days (excluding vacations), you need to request a leave of absence from Liberty Mutual, NetApp’s leave of absence administrator. Download the Reporting Your Disability Claim and/or Leave of Absence [PDF] form to initiate the process.