Your Benefits Resource: NetApp Benefits Service Center

We know benefits are important to our employees, so we want to make sure you have the right resources and tools to make decisions and find quick, easy answers to your benefits questions.

The NetApp Benefits Service Center, delivered through Aon Hewitt, is the first stop for all your benefits-related questions. They bring an expanded team, a strong commitment to quality customer service and deep benefits expertise. Customer service representatives have been extensively trained on NetApp’s benefits, and can help you with:

  • Initiating changes in benefits to account for Life Events (status changes such as when you have a baby, get married, etc.)
  • Verifying eligibility and enrolling in NetApp’s benefits
  • Answering questions on NetApp’s medical, dental and vision plans—everything from how deductibles and coinsurance work, to how employees can earn wellness rewards
  • Handling questions on medical claims
  • Finding provider access
  • Understanding the differences between the Traditional Plan and the Health Savings Plan
  • Asking questions on flexible spending and health savings accounts
  • Providing carrier information, such as group numbers, phone number, websites and claim forms

The Benefits Service Center assigns one representative to each case, so that you have one point of contact and don’t get bounced around.

When you need to resolve complex benefits questions that require additional research or coordination, reach out to the Customer Advocacy team, which steps in to help with:  

  • Overcoming difficult medical and health insurance issues  
  • Deciding the best course of action when you have a question or concern
  • Resolving health care billing and insurance claim disputes
  • Locating doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers
  • Researching and locating treatments and medications