Skip the Wait with LiveHealth Online

Need to see a doctor? With LiveHealth Online telemedicine, you can skip the wait at the doctor’s office or urgent care—and even get a live, confidential face-to-face consultations while traveling.

  • Receive treatment for minor conditions such as colds, flu, rashes, pink eye, a fever, infections and allergies
  • Access an expanded network of board-certified U.S.-based doctors, including pediatricians, psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Doctors can send prescriptions to your local pharmacy
  • Telemedicine consultations cost the same (or less) than an office visit:
  • Regular appointment: $49 (HSP)/$25 (Traditional Plan)
  • Psychological appointment: Costs vary

Be sure to register with LiveHealth Online so it’s ready to use when you need it:

  • Go to or download the app using Google Play or the App Store
  • You will be prompted to enter some basic information
  • Be sure to have your Anthem member ID card handy to complete your insurance information