Don’t miss out on your 2017 NetApp Benefits!

Last month, you had the opportunity to enroll in benefits for 2018—but, don’t wait until next year to make the most of your NetApp benefits.

Here’s what you need to do by December 31, 2017

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)…

FSAs are a type of “use-it-or-lose-it” account, so be sure to use your FSA dollars by December 31, 2017!

  • For the Dependent Care FSA, any amount remaining at the end of the year will be forfeited.
  • For the Health Care FSA and HSA Compatible FSA, up to $500 in FSA funds will roll over into 2018—any amount over $500 remaining at the end of the year will be forfeited.

You have until March 31, 2018 to submit claims for eligible expenses incurred January 1–December 31 of this year.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA)…

You don’t need to spend your HSA dollars—HSA funds roll over year to year and can earn interest tax-free, so you can use it in the future, and even save it for retirement. Learn how to get more about of your HSA »

If you have MyCompass points…

Your MyCompass points will expire at the end of this year and start over in 2018, so be sure to redeem your points by December 31, 2017. Visit the Reward Center within the Jiff app for a full list of the rewards available to you and any eligibility requirements and/or restrictions.

Read the MyCompass FAQs »

If you enrolled in a medical plan for 2018…

Look for a new medical ID card being mailed to you this month. You don’t need ID cards for your dental and vision benefits.

Contact your medical plan »

As we approach the end of the calendar year, don’t forget…NetApp is here for you during the busy—and often overwhelming—holiday season.

  • Our Employee Assistance Program offers counseling to help you deal with stress, depression, anxiety, financial issues and more. 
  • Our MyCompass MeQuilibrium program provides daily support, such as Mindful Moments and quick activities, to reduce your stress and build your resiliency.