CVS/caremark Prescription Drug Coverage

CVS/caremark: Your Pharmacy Benefit Provider

If you’re enrolled in the Health Savings Plan or the Traditional Plan, your prescription drug coverage is provided by CVS/caremark (CVS).

  • Use any network pharmacy.
    • Use CVS pharmacies, as well as other in-network pharmacies such as Walgreens and Rite Aid.
    • Mail service can be filled at CVS pharmacies or received through the mail.
  • It’s convenient.
    • Many locations also have CVS MinuteClinics, which treat minor injuries and illnesses—while you fill your prescription just a few steps away.
    • If you need specialty medications, take advantage of 24/7 access to CVS specialty pharmacists and the call center to speak with a member of your Specialty CareTeam.
    • Manage your prescriptions at or with the CVS/caremark mobile app—refill or request new mail-order prescriptions, track order status, find pharmacies in your network and more.

See the plan details for 2018 [PDF].

Know What Drugs Are Covered

To find out if your medications are covered by CVS:

  • Visit or contact the CVS/caremark Customer Care Call Center at 1 866 301 4105.
  • Review the CVS/caremark Performance Drug List (PDL) [PDF] to see if your medications are covered. The list is typically updated every three months.

The CVS/caremark Formulary

A formulary, also called CVS/caremark’s Performance Drug List, is the set list of medications your plan covers—it determines what you pay for your prescriptions, based on whether the drug is:

  • Covered by the plan's formulary
  • Considered generic, preferred or brand name by the formulary

In most cases, only drugs on the formulary list will be covered. So, if you get a prescription for a medicine that isn't on your plan's formulary, you may have to pay the full cost.

If you’re taking a medication that isn't on the CVS/caremark formulary, you’ll need to contact your doctor and ask whether changing to a preferred option would be right for you. If your physician indicates that you require the specific medicine you are taking, have your physician call 1 866 301 4105 to initiate a prior approval review process to determine if benefits will be payable for the non-covered drug.

CVS Resources

CVS offers a number of resources to help you and your physician manage your medications and help you save money. 

Resource Description
Performance Drug List (PDL) [PDF] The Performance Drug list is a list that provides you with the lowest cost options available to treat your condition – whether they are generics, brand-name drugs or both. 
Formulary Drug Removals Medicines on this list will not be covered without a prior authorization for medical necessity. Your physician will have to initiate a prior approval review process to determine if benefits will be payable for a non-covered drug.
Pharmacy locator Check here to see if your pharmacy participates with CVS/caremark.
Traditional Plan
Prescription Drug Costs
Learn what your medications will cost if you are enrolled in the Traditional Plan.
Health Savings Plan
Preventative Drug List
NetApp offers a preventive medication therapy list, which reduces your cost for select prescriptions that help prevent chronic health conditions, when taken regularly. If you take medications on the preventive medication therapy list, you will pay $0 for these medications even if you have not yet met your annual plan deductible.
Health Savings Plan prescription drug costs prior to meeting your deductible Learn what your medications will cost prior to meeting your annual deductible ($1,400 for individual coverage and $2,800 if you're covering dependents).
Health Savings Plan prescription drug costs after meeting your deductible Learn what your medications will cost after meeting your annual deductible.